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Why Do Hairdryers Have a Cold Setting?

Most people with long locks of gorgeous hair couldn't finish their morning routine without their blow dryer. This magical invention which is thought to have appeared in households in about 1920, has been drying hair for decades. While this device seems rather simple to use, there are many ways to get the most out of its abilities.

This includes the cold air button that all hairdryers have, yet not many know what it does. Hairdryers, in short, help style hair faster after washing the hair.

This is especially true for people who are getting ready to start their day. It is primarily designed to take wet strands to dry locks within 15 minutes. Air drying hair can take up to 3 hours! That is a significant difference in time. So if heat application is what cuts that time down so dramatically, what could the cold air button possibly do?

The cold setting on the hairdryer is to style wet hair into a streamlined look. Its overall purpose is to assist in the hair drying process, not impede it. People get intimidated by this button if they do realize it's on their hairdryer and that is simply because they don't really know how to use it properly.

It's a common misconception that heat is the key to healthy-looking hair. People plug in the hairdryer and set it to the highest temperature setting. Even with the use of heat protectant products, full-scale heat is not the answer to great looking hair. The cold button setting has been revealed as being the secret to perfect hair.

Although, it's really no secret as this setting is plainly on most hairdryers. It's all in how it's used to get the most optimal results.

Is it Better to Dry Your Hair with Cold Air?

Using the cold setting as it was intended to be used is the key to getting beautiful hairdos. It starts with realizing that this setting does not exist so that hair can be fully dried just using cold air. That would take an extremely long time.

The use of some heat is going to start the drying process. The temperature that is used is strictly dependant upon how thick a person's hair is and how fragile. It is not recommended to use the highest setting on thin and fragile hair.

On the flip side, it is also not recommended to use a higher setting on thick hair for entirely too long. A general rule of thumb is to use a setting that is appropriate for the type of hair and to dry it about 80% of the way.

When the hair has been mostly dried with the correct temperature of heat, this is where the cold setting or "cool shot" button is necessary. Yes, necessary! The secret to great looking hair is this little button.

The cold air helps to define shine in the hairdo and set hair into place. People who have just blown their hair dry with the heat setting probably have noticed their hairstyle didn't keep throughout the day.

They may have even used countless hair products to try and achieve a better look. But, alas, the cold air setting will protect hair and get it looking its best. The cold air helps to control frizz as well.

This is why when washing hair, it's highly suggested that conditioners be rinsed with cool water. It simply makes the conditioner work better in the hair. Always consider complimenting the hair drying process with this remarkable button!

Is the Cold Air Setting on a Hairdryer Damaging?

When using a hairdryer , it is important to be careful of overuse since it can lead to damaged hair. This is even true with hair protectant products. So, the question begs to be asked, does the use of the cold air setting cause any kind of damage?

The simple answer is no. The more detailed answer is that the air released from the hairdryer is not "cold", it is just cooler. While it is significantly cooler than the other heat seatings on the hairdryer , there is still a little heat mixed in there.

So how do you maximize the amount of cooler air coming from your hairdryer ? The answer to this is a diffuser. This magical attachment for hairdryers increases how the cooler hair is distributed. When it gets distributed to a wider area, the hair gets even more coverage and becomes better styled. This tool is a great addition to making the best use of the cold air setting on any hairdryer .

Can You Straighten Hair with Cold Air?

The process of straightening hair with a hairdryer includes the use of a roller hairbrush. The roller hairbrush when brushed through the hair while blow-drying the hair, helps it become straighter.

While the use of a hair straighter is still required, this trick with the roller brush makes it so the hair straighter does not need to be used at such a high heat or for as long.

This process is traditionally done with a hotter setting on the blowdryer. So can the same results be expected from the cold air setting? Yes! This is achievable and stylists suggest it for the setting's ability to lock in perfected looks. Using this setting with the brush can work.

However, it is suggested to use no products when going this route. Using the brush and fingers will get the hair straighter like the heat setting does. However, after this process is complete, the use of a product is critical. This helps finish out the complete look that is desired!

Commonly Related Questions

What's the best hair dryer with a cool setting?

While most hair dryers come with a cool setting, there are certain brands that may be better. When people find out about the cold air setting, they are going to want to use it! With that being said, knowing a great brand to consider is always a great start to investing in a better hairstyle! Some of the hottest (but still cold!) hair dryers to consider:

These aren't exactly cheap but are solid investments in their own right and have a higher quality/longevity compared to run of mill noisy hairdryers.

The BaByliss features porcelain which has been known to retain heat better and produce a better hair drying cycle. They are a highly rated dryer with a cool burst button. The Harry Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 is next in line and provides sleek hair with its cool air button. It also comes with diffuser detachments to really customize any hairstyle!

The Dyson Supersonic may be a bit pricer, but the investment has been said to be well worth it! This new-age hair dryer features a unique look with an open-ended nozzle. It prides itself on fast-drying using less hair than traditional hairdryers and it also claims to reduce frizz and increase shine. It's cold air button only gets to 82 degrees, giving hair the perfect after styling set!

What's the fastest hairdryer on the market?

While the cold air button is a great discovery, it is also good to know which brands are considered to be the fastest for drying hair. Society today relies on things getting done faster and more efficiently. This thought process has reached every aspect of life, even including beauty routines. So it comes as no surprise when tools like hair dryers are designed to provide lightning speed hair drying technology.

The Dyson Supersonic is at the top of the list with their hairdryer design. The typically 10 to 15 minutes that a traditional hairdryer takes to dry hair is literally cut in HALF with the Dyson. Imagine drying your hair in only 5 to 7 minutes?! That leaves time for an extra cup of coffee or literally any other morning routine! Other top contenders include the Buttercup Blow Dryer and the Bio Ionic.

How heavy is a hairdryer?

Considering the time that regular hairdryers can take, it is important to note the weight of these devices. The average weight of a hairdryer is about 2 pounds.

While that may not seem like much, it really adds up when you're holding it above your head for up to 15 minutes! Also, when older people are using these devices they are guaranteed to not be very comfortable. There are lightweight models on the market that help out those who find the weight too cumbersome (and rightfully so!).

So the secret's out about the cold air button! It has been lurking on hairdryers unused for too long. The use of this button in conjunction with heat drying will make anyone at home doing their hair feel like a salon stylist!

Finally, they can achieve fresh from the salon looks and not have to worry about their style getting limp hours after blow-drying. This revelation will surely change some lives!

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