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Do Kitchen Islands Need to be Centered?

If you are planning to remodel the kitchen of your hone, islands can be a smart choice. They play an integral role in adding extra storage to the kitchen.

If you do not have sufficient kitchen seating space at your home, these kitchen islands can be beneficial in making an ample space so that the guests and family members can sit during the preparation of the meals.

Whereas compact kitchen islands can accommodate up to two seats, kitchen islands of large size are suitable for almost six people.

If you dream of having sufficient space in your kitchen to keep a deluxe coffee machine, having these islands can make that space for you. The addition of electrical outlets plays an integral role in the operation of small applications for the kitchen island.

So, do kitchen islands need to be centered?

The addition of islands to the kitchen is considered to be the best option for enhancing the storage as well as the counter space. A wide array of clients prefers to have the island installed at the center of the kitchen. 

The islands have turned out to be the icon of the modern kitchen s. It is because you can get access to the kitchen island from different sides. Thus, they are regarded as an ideal choice to complete a plethora of kitchen tasks. 

They are also considered to be the vital point of the kitchen as they provide the prerequisite look and feel of the furniture to the kitchen. They are useful in accommodating party guests, kids to do their homework and working with multiple cooks.

Thus, it provides a suitable space for people congregating without making the kitchen congested. However, the center of the room is not always the right place for the installation of the island. 

However, not every kind of island works for all the kitchens. You need to consider the purpose of the island before you install them in your kitchen.

Installation of the island in the kitchen is known to serve five different functions which include cooking, preparation, serving, storage, and washing up. Hence before choosing the design of the island, you need to decide the roles, the island will play in your kitchen. 

It will help in creating the right depth and width on the island, primarily if you need sufficient space for keeping the major appliances. If you have an ample amount of space for the installation of an island of a wide size, it is recommended to install several kitchen stations.

How should an island be placed in a kitchen ?

The kitchen is recognized to be the heart of your home. You can have a great time with your friends and family here. The island is the centerpiece of your kitchen and complements its elegance. It also plays an integral role in providing a sense of orderliness to this space. If you are planning to install islands in the kitchen, go through the following steps:

Adding suitable lighting

Nothing will help illuminate the positioning of your island more than artistic lighting decorations. There are some questionable/horrendous designs for a lot of these island lighting setups. Here are two that I've found that I hope you like the look of.

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  2. Log Barn Kitchen Fixture (Amazon affiliate link)

Addition of stove or cooktop to the kitchen island

It is recommended to install cooktop stoves on the kitchen island as it offers an enhanced working room. The centralized stoves ensure to make a social atmosphere, with the addition of bar chairs to the island.

However, you need to keep in mind that it might create a break in the cooking area. The across the aisle in the back and forth might annoy the cooks who want a unified and tight sink counter stove for their kitchen. They can opt for kitchen island cooktop for the overflow, or secondary mode of cooking. 

Upward or downward venting of the kitchen islands

If you install kitchen islands, you might not be capable of installing exhaust hoods with the odors, or against the walls. Hence, you need to vent it in the upward or downward direction.

Installation of the high-end stove in the kitchen island plays an integral role in draping the hood over the stove. Here, the smoke gets drawn up the vent as well as outside the house straight. With the rise in the steam and smoke, you should ensure to vent it in the upward direction. 

Addition of smart space

Kitchen islands have gained high prominence as the best storage area. You can add smart space to it in the form of shelved cabinet space, drawers to make the best of it.

Not every island is created equally

The kitchen island plays an integral role in keeping the required islands at the right place.

You can consider it for additional storage of different accessories. Depending on how the kitchen is used, you should opt for islands with various countertop designs, materials, and features. The multi-level or two-tier islands are an ideal choice for the kitchen islands if people in the household like to study or work in comfort.

You can save a lot of time here as you help them to complete their homework and cook dinner at the same time. If you have a compact kitchen and you require additional countertop space for the preparation of the meals, you should ensure that the kitchen island should have a clutter-free and clean surface for work.

The central island is recognized to be the focal point of the kitchen. Hence, you should make use of the countertop material with a higher effect. You should also ensure that the islands, you are going to install has certain features that can enhance the visual appeal of your home.

They should boast of detailed legs which can add to the character of the traditional kitchen and provide extra support at the same time. Adding a shelf beneath the island might be a great idea to ensure additional storage.

It also provides the prerequisite area for displaying cutting boards, decorative baskets, and different other home appliances, required for daily use. The use of contrasting cabinet colors is also useful in enhancing the elegant appeal and wow factor of the kitchen.

It is also necessary to make the right material choice to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen island. Butcher Island is considered to be the most ideal choice to chop food, whereas stainless steel is known to be valuable to cool the hot pans.

The traditional rectangle shaped-shift is the most ideal choice for the kitchen. However, if this traditional shaped island is not fitting in the kitchen comfortably, you require selecting a T-shaped or L-shaped island.

Adding extras

In-built features and mechanics are useful in customizing the island, according to the needs of the family. For instance, extra electrical outlets play an integral role in making the workflow of the kitchen more effective and efficient.

To choose the right seats for the kitchen, you should ensure that the seats are in proportion to the height of the kitchen island. You always need to remember that the center of the room is not always a suitable place for the island. 

You need to determine the primary spot, according to the use of your kitchen island. If you are going to use it primarily for preparing food, you should ensure to place it near the appliances and outlets.

On the other hand, if you are planning to install the kitchen islands for the cleanup, you should ensure to install the same near the garbage and the dishwasher.

Should a kitchen island be the same height as a counter?

The height counter or the elevated counter is located at a height of 42 inches above the floor. It is considered to be six inches higher, in comparison to the standard counter height of the remaining part of the kitchen.

The benefit of this increase in height is that it helps in concealing the dirty or clutter dishes. The bar height counter also functions as the room divider as it separates the kitchen from the remaining part of the space. 

The increased bar height counter also needs a bit more clean up as you need to wipe two of the countertops. Another factor, you need to consider with these elevated tops is that there are chances that the counter might turn out to be a drop spot for the screens, keys, mails, resulting in visual clutter.

If you try keeping the kitchen island in one height, it will provide a large and continuous surface. It is also regarded as the most prominent choice for setting the buffet. The one-level counter plays an integral role in offering a wide look to the room.

How much space do you need for a center island?

Typically, a requirement of 42-48 inches of open kitchen space is needed for the installation of islands in the kitchen.

If the width of the kitchen is less than 13 feet, you should refrain from installing an island in your dining area.

If your kitchen has a U-shape, you should ensure that it has an opening of at least 10 ft width for the installation of a kitchen island without creating any claustrophobic situation.

Kitchen islands are considered to be an integral aspect of home improvement. It is useful in enhancing the value of the home. This design island plays an integral role in offering extra counter space as well as storage to your kitchen. You can add to the style quotient of your home with the installation of these islands.

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