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Best Kettles in 2020

Interested in buying appliances that will spice up your kitchen spaces? There is an alarming amount of phony kitchen utensils that are cheap, tacky and lack any kind of defined style.

In the interest of avoiding this appliance faux pas, we have handpicked a number of kettles that have both style and substance.

A lot of consideration has gone into these choices, we hope that you find them useful. (These are affiliate links if you choose to buy any of them we get a small commission)

These are the Top 3 Stylish Kettles for 2020

  • Green SMEG Kettle– It got so much style coming out of it it's nearly hard to believe. Practical and sleek with a beautiful retro design. This is a goer for any stylish kitchen
  • Fellow Stag EKG Pour Over Kettle– Thie pour over kettle has impressed us with its sleek minimalist design. It comes with a beautiful stand with a configurable temperature variable control. We have used this to brew the perfect green tea at its most optimal temperature.
  • Delonghi Electric kettle (1.0L)「ICONA Vintage Collection– Delonghi has a sleek Italian style that really appeals to those who value their stylish kitchens. It's actually surprisingly compact and packs a fierce hot brew. Its part of a vintage collection so also packs that retro looks, which has been a consistent theme in all of our kettle choices.

Best Outdoor Kettles for 2020

This was a hard choice. There aren't too many outdoor/camping kettle that has good style and practicality. But we have narrowed it down to one.

  • Snow Peak Men's Stainless Steel Upright Kettle - The build of this kettle is utterly sublime. It's sturdy heavy and ideal for bringing on long camping trips. It has a spout flap that helps to keep ashes out. Perhaps the most impressive aspect, it also manages to keep a very artistic design with all its outdoor practicality.

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