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20 Thoughtful Appliances for Wedding Gifts in 2020

Weddings are such a magical time for a couple! Not only do they get to marry the love of their life, but they get to do it in front of their most cherished friends and family. This special celebration is such a grand party with decorations, music, food and of course gifts from the guests! Gifts can range from so many things, but there are some that really take the cake.

When it comes to picking out a gift for an upcoming wedding, some may be tempted to grab the usual suspects. These include toasters and coffee makers. But there so many other options out there, especially for home appliances. Home appliances truly are the best gifts as they give the couple something to set up their new life together.

They will get to explore new products and figure them out together. This fun experience really provides bonding time for the new couple. While there are some cool coffee makers out there (they will make the list!), shopping around for the most unique and interesting home appliance is best.

It will not only make the couple's wedding day more special, but they will appreciate something a little different than those usual suspects! Below are twenty of the most thoughtful home appliances to gift a new couple!

1. Espresso Machines

Espresso machines turn any kitchen counter into a mini coffee bar. This delicious Italian hot beverage can be perfectly made at home. These chic and modern appliances are fun to use. For those couples who enjoy barista-made beverages, an espresso machine means they can skip the lines in the morning and make their own!

While making espresso seems intimidating, it really isn't. Espresso is almost boiling water that is passed through finely-ground coffee beans by means of pressure. This creates a smooth and more caffeinated cup of coffee.

It really boosts any morning into a more productive one! There are many variations out on the market, including ones that also make cappuccinos and lattes. These add frothed milk for extra creamy and tasty beverages.

With the variations out there, some of the most popular ones include models that are compact-sized. These models do not take up a lot of counter space, leaving room for food prep or even other appliances!

Our Recommendation

As espresso machines are something that will feature in a couple's daily life, its important to get something durable and stylish that also won't break the bank.

We recommend going with the DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker (affiliate link). DeLonghi is a strong and renowned Italian brand and lacks the cheap and tacky gimmicks of Nespresso's capsules system. It's authentic and practical, exactly how you want your coffee.

But if you want to go all out and espressos hold a special place in the newlyweds' hearts we'd recommend the Instagrammers dream coffee maker: Breville the Barista Express (affiliate link)

2. Immersion Blenders

Regular blenders are great gifts, but nothing is quite as special as an immersion blender. These exclusive appliances are sometimes called "stick blenders" or "wand blenders".

Basically there is a powerful motor attached to an elongated piece with a blade grinder on the end that spins at an appropriate speed. The primary purpose of these devices is to thoroughly blend or break up ingredients within the container that they're being in.

For example, recipes like soups can require the blending of ingredients and the transfer of the ingredients to a regular blender or food processor is cumbersome. The immersion blender gets "immersed" into any pot, bowl, tall measuring cup, etc. to create absolutely smooth results.

Food prep will never be the same for the newlywed couple after using this great device. The sky truly is the limit on creating wonderful soups, smoothies, or even really fluffy scrambled eggs! Anything that needs to be blended to perfection can be used with an immersion blender! Their height prevents messes when used in pots or bowls.

Our Recommendation

Some brands can be quite lackluster with their light handling and sub-optimal grip. These two have will help a recently married couple pulverize many a nutritious smoothly:

3. Air Fryers

Healthy eating has never really gone away in society, but it is trying to be the star of the show when it comes to food prep. Air fryers are healthier alternatives to deep-fried foods.

Anything that goes into a deep-fryer can be put into an air fryer. Air fryers do use very tiny amounts of oil which coat foods while circulating air at high temperatures to crisp the food up. The oil an air fryer uses is usually a tablespoon or less, considerably better than the gallons that oil-fryers can use.

This method of frying foods likes mozzarella sticks, chicken wings or strips yields less greasy results. While traditional foods that are deep-fried can be air fried, so can nontraditional items. Desserts, biscuits, pierogies, and hamburgers have been made in them as well! There are many cookbooks out there with variations of foods to try in any model of an air fryer.

There are a few different models of these appliances. They can range from basic designs with simply a temperature knob and a timer knob or expand into more intricate designs.

These designs include specific buttons of certain food types. However, the buttons are not the only design difference here. The shape of them is also starkly different. While the most basic is typically a basket type, they can look more like convection ovens, or even what's called a "paddle-type". The paddle-type actually rotates the food as it cooks to ensure even crisping.

No matter what design is chosen, air fryers are new-age kitchen appliances meant to inspire healthy delicious food cooking! Perhaps this thought process is derived from the fact that fried foods are so good they're hard to stay away from. Alternative cooking to enjoy foods we crave is truly innovative! This makes the air fryer a great choice as a wedding gift and the couple will an adventure trying it out together!

Our Recommendation

No need to overcomplicate this purchase, we've found the CORSORI Air Fryer, Max has been a regular in our alternatively fried meals. It packs style, customization, and intricate design.

4. Express Cookers

Express cookers like Instapots or Crockpot Express machines are quickly replacing traditional crockpots. There's nothing like a home-cooked meal that's been slow-cooked in a crockpot. However, work and family commitments tend to make people reach for fast-food or frozen meals. Express cookers not only mimic that cozy home-cooked feeling of crockpots but so much more.

They're called express cookers because they provide well-cooked, perfectly tender results in almost half the time of crockpots. Express cookers also pressure cook items which can put dinner on the table faster than cooking on a stove. Some popular meals to make in an express cooker are chicken, roasts, fish, veggies, and more.

They can even make some desserts and also act as a rice cooker. The "set and forget it" is really taking up a few notches with these appliances. This modern twist on crockpot cooking is an exceptional choice for a wedding gift!

Our Recommendation

Our versatile and compact choice for an express cooker is the Crock-pot SCCPPC800V1BF (affiliate link). It's nonstick, durable and internally spacious to cook large-sized meals if required.

5. Stand Mixers

Hand mixers have been a popular wedding gift for decades, but stand mixers are becoming a far superior choice. They have more powerful motors and are hands-free making baking or cooking more productive.

Stand mixers are diverse appliances that help combine just about any food project, especially larger batches. This includes things like cookies, bread, mashed potatoes, brownies, the options are limitless. These appliances help make any large (or small!) food prep easier and more enjoyable.

As if stand mixers weren't innovative enough, more modern models of them include various attachments. These attachments give cooks even more opportunities to learn new recipes or create some of their own!

The types of attachments can be things like meat grinders, veggie slicers, ice cream makers, and pasta rollers. These options make cooking fun and exciting! Newly married couples will appreciate this wedding gift to make each other homemade dishes!

Our Recommendation

We think that this type of gift should last for years. A stand mixer that's lacking a good build is destined to fail a married couple within the first few years. For solid build quality, we look towards the KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer (amazon affiliate).

Its a heavy unit but boats 5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl and 10 variable speeds.

6. Sous-Vide Machines

Even in a society where we never seem to have enough time, extended time cooking still has its advantages. Sous-Vide machines make perfect wedding gifts as they aren't a common kitchen appliance, making them something truly new for a newlywed couple to explore. These appliances cook foods for longer than usual periods of time, providing extra tender and flavorful results.

The process in which this is done is by is placing foods in jars or plastic bags in containers (or instant pots for some models) filled with heated water. The water stays at the same temperature throughout the cooking time and the immersed foods are protected in their enclosed bags or jars. This retains any juices or spices making the taste phenomenal.

These appliances that aren't made for instant pots, can come with special containers to cook food or be used in certain pots and pans. Either way, the cooking process really makes a meal something magnificent. This is perfect for couples to learn to use together or for one of them to surprise the other with a romantic meal.

Our Recommendation

Sous vide machines will help you stand out from other gifts. Its a much more creative way of cooking. You need a brand that uses precise temperatures and we've found that the Anova Precision Cooker does the job better than anything else. Its modern, slender and has smart technology that allows you to configure settings via an app.

7. Electric Tea Kettles

When it comes to the tea or coffee debate, they're both about equally consumed worldwide with over 2 billion cups a day drank. Electric tea kettles make a wonderful wedding gift for those tea lovers in the world!

Usually, tea kettles are put over an open flame on the stove and let to whistle when done. However, these variations of the tea kettle tend to rust faster than electric tea kettles mostly because they're made of cheaper materials.

Electric tea kettles have come a long way in modern tech by producing heat quicker than stovetop kettles.

This makes getting fresh cups of tea faster. Moreover, these appliances can be used for quickly making foods like oatmeal or soups. They come in many colors and designs but typically look more modern and sleek than stovetop versions.

Our Recommendation

It's no secret that we are huge fans of green SMEG kettles (Amazon affiliate). Its a sturdy kettle with both style and substance that lights up any kitchen. And it won't give you that nasty plastic taste that some electric kettles will.

8. Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are a real treat to get as a wedding gift. Similar to how an air fryer works, convection ovens circulate air in a confined space to cook foods faster.

These genius appliances make oven baking easier and quicker. While they aren't meant to completely replace an oven, they absolutely could and that depends on the cooking needs of the user.

Generally, they come in small designs, but still big enough to fit 12 to 16-inch pizzas. However, their technology is being used in regular-sized ovens these days as well. Getting a newlywed couple the counter-top version of this miracle oven will make their kitchen more modern!

Convection ovens have been shown to produce better results than normal ovens. Countertop variations can roast chickens, bake pies, or toast up some pizza in no time. Any couple will appreciate this thoughtful appliance wedding gift!

9. Electric Griddles

No weekend breakfast is complete without a proper electric griddle! These are a classic wedding gift choice as they are an essential part of any kitchen. They are rectangular flat cooking surfaces heated by an electric element.

Traditional ones are non-stick surfaces like chrome metal, aluminum or carbon metal.

These appliances are easy to use and just require being plugged in. Some come with temperature knobs to adjust the heat and others only heat up to an average temperature.

Either way, they are perfect for pancakes, sausage, bacon, and even grilled cheese. Every kitchen should have one and is a perfect start-up gift for a new husband and wife!

10. Food Processors

Since its invention somewhere in the 1960s to early 1970s, the food processor has been a crucial part of any kitchen. Super sharp, spinning blades rotate to chop up and finely smooth any ingredients. It features a bowl that can be up 12 cups of capacity. The bowl is fitted with a lid that has a vertical, long spout that allows for the addition of ingredients while it runs.

Some of the most popular homemade favorites to make in a food processor include hummus, crust bases for pies, pestos, nut butter, meatball mixtures, and so much more! Diverse home appliances are truly the best ones to have so it keeps inspiration fresh!

11. Electric Wine Openers

This wedding gift could possibly be the very first thing a new husband and wife use! 

Electric wine openers are great appliances for cracking open the first bottle of wine in a new house or apartment. They are faster and more convenient than wing-corkscrew models. There's no labor or manual twisting involved at all. They are simply placed over the top of the bottle on the cork and the press of a button easily removes the cork!

Most models are rechargeable making them ready to go at a moment's notice. Any couple will appreciate the opportunity to open a bottle of wine for cooking, drinking, or entertaining. They are affordable and absolutely wonderful gifts to consider!

12. Ice Cream Machines

Ice cream machines really make the perfect wedding gift, especially for really creative couples! So many different flavors can be mixed up in these appliances making for super tasty treats.

It's as easy as putting the desired ingredients in and plugging in the machine. In under 30 minutes, the appliances churns everything into creamy and superbly delicious desserts. From frozen yogurt, sorbet, or ice cream, creating any texture of frozen dessert is possible.

13. Belgian Waffle Irons

Waffles are an iconic breakfast item and making them with a brand new Belgian waffle iron is fun for anyone! Belgian waffle irons are better than standard models because they make thick, fluffy waffles with plenty of grooves to fill with any choice of topping!

Newlywed couples will enjoy this appliance because they experiment with different flavors of waffles, topping, etc. It is even common for keto-diets to make egg waffles that are simply omelets with all the fixings placed into a waffle iron. The variety of things that can be done with these devices is truly amazing!

Belgian waffle irons are also more exciting than traditional ones because they usually have the handle on them to spin the machine after pouring a batter inside. This quick movement is more exciting than it sounds! Couples will cherish mornings making breakfast together with this appliance!

14. Mixed Drink Alcoholic Pod Machines

Pod beverages made their way into kitchens starting with coffee brewers, but now mixed drink alcoholic pod machines exist! These appliances prove that nothing is too big for a small pod. Couples will embrace this innovative and unique home appliance where they can get perfectly mixed drinks with the push of a button.

The pods come in a variety of flavors and the machine only requires that a spirit of choice be placed in the reservoir chambers.

There are different models on the market, but the general way they work is a strength can be picked and the machine does all the rest. It draws spirits from the reservoir to mix with the flavoring of a pod, dispensing masterfully blended mixed drinks! This is the ideal wedding gift for couples who love to entertain and throw parties!

15. Coffee Makers

Ah, the coffee maker has finally arrived on the list! Coffee makers are possibly the most popular wedding gifts. This is largely because they are wonderful kitchen appliances, but they can be sort of plain.

This is why things like the espresso maker take coffee making to a whole other level. However, there are some interesting coffee makers on the market now that also go a bit above and beyond the usual carafe and basket brew.

In fact, one of the greatest varieties of coffee makers out there are ones that feature a milling machine in them. They are 2-in-one coffee makers with the option to use fresh whole coffee beans or ground coffee in a washable, reusable basket.

These are trendy kitchen appliances because they give fresher tasting coffee by grinding the beans as it brews. While this is a great experience to have with a coffee maker, the basket is there as well for moments when someone's in a pinch and may only have coffee grounds.

Considering one of these machines as a wedding gift still keeps with the gift-giving tradition, but makes it a bit more upscale! Newlywed couples will appreciate a more modern take on a regular coffee maker!

16. Blenders

Blenders are essential appliances for any kitchen. While food processors do similar things that blenders do (if not better), they also offer some perks of their own.

There are many types of blenders to shop around for, so knowing a bit more about what they can offer is important. Larger cup capacity blenders are good for mixing up things like smoothies, potatoes, herbs, etc. They are even more popular now in vegan recipes to proper textures for sauces or desserts.

Some models are smaller, but provide more powerful bursts of blending. Bigger doesn't always mean better and these models have motors that can handle thick ice or chunky ingredients. Once again, like a lot of items on this list, the couple can really explore all sorts of methods to create masterpieces in their kitchen!

17. Toasters

Another common culprit on a wedding gift table, the toaster serves as a practical gift! If a toaster is the wedding gift of choice, it is critical to buy a decent model.

Many people do not put much thought into a toaster, but they really should. Most toasters do not toast evenly, resulting in a subpar toast. This common occurrence is due to a variety of reasons, the biggest being unevenly spaced heating wires and small slots. Getting a toaster with bigger slots means a variety of bread can be toasted other than regular white bread.

There are even toasters on the market that can defrost bread that comes frozen, like gluten-free options. The toaster being picked out should feature an advanced option like this to really set it apart from other appliances!

18. Smart Home Devices

Not all home appliance wedding gifts have to be revolved around the kitchen. With this in mind, smart home devices are very unique gifts for any couple!

Today's home is so much more than a living space. Homes have been transformed into tech spaces with the invention of smart home devices. These devices come in many forms, but their primary purpose is to make everyday things more secure, safe, and easy to operate.

Smart home devices can be digital locks for the front door, home assistants that turn lights on and off, and even home security devices. More simply, home assistants are exceptional choices because they are small speakers that can fit anywhere in the house.

Having a digital tech assistant can be so helpful for a new husband and wife in their new home. From playing music around the house, finding recipes (to try on their new kitchen gadgets!), turning lights on and off, even building shopping lists through certain retailers, they are hands-free convenience. Deciding on this for a gift will really help a couple get their new home a jump-start into the modern tech age!

19. Roasters or Rotisserie Ovens

Roasters or rotisserie ovens are a countertops best friend. These special ovens come with a horizontal or vertical pole rack to put a whole chicken on for roasting. Homemade rotisserie chicken or turkey breasts taste way better than store-bought ones.

However, like most kitchen appliances, there are alternative uses for these other than chicken. For example, making slow-roasted meat kebabs is not only flavorful but great for a new dinner idea.

Another reason that roasters or rotisserie ovens are a great appliance wedding gift, is that they free up the regular sized oven. For big dinner parties or even the holidays, the oven can be used for other things or vice versa. Couples can host a spectacular dinner with new gadgets to really make something sophisticated!

20. Automatic Robotic Vacuum Systems

Automatic robotic vacuum systems aren't a new appliance by any means, but they make exciting gifts, especially for weddings! There are many great benefits to having an automatic robotic vacuum the first being clean floors of course. While they aren't new devices, they have come a long way into transforming into handy cleaning assistants.

They have been developed to have better routine patterns so they clean floor space better, One of their most efficient features is their self-emptying aspect.

Vacuuming is always a chore and emptying the canisters gets repetitive since they don't hold too much. However, robotic vacuum systems empty themselves into a stationary canister, meaning less cleaning time and more time to do other things! Couples will find this gift a true cleaning miracle!

No matter what gift is chosen, all of these great ideas will make any couple very happy! They strive to inspire exploration while cooking and baking as well as bond the couple even closer together. Wedding gifts should be creative and impressive rather than run of the mill appliances.

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