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11 Benefits of French Door Fridges

Refrigerators are known for looking pretty basic but there are quite a few designs out there. One specific type is French Door refrigerators. Other types can include top freezers, bottom freezers, side-by-side fridge, and freezer models and even full refrigerators or full freezers.

With all these varying types of fridges out there, what are the benefits of a French Door fridge? There are specific reasons that set this type above the other variations of fridges out there. The French Door refrigerator started becoming popular in the late 1990s.

Even today, these chic fridges are a great choice. So what are the benefits of French Door Fridges!?

  1. They are internally spacious.
  2. They are sleek looking.
  3. They are designed to be optimal.
  4. They retain internal temperature better.
  5. They save kitchen space.
  6. They feature full-width shelving.
  7. The freezer is spacious.
  8. They have a long life span.
  9. They can be classified as smart fridges.
  10. They have a chiller drawer.
  11. They feature LED lighting.

These top 11 benefits are critical aspects of French door fridges. It is important to dig a bit deeper into their importance pertaining to sleek, beautiful French door refrigerators!

Whether someone is shopping for a new fridge because they are moving or just upgrading, considering a French door fridge is a great idea. Below is a bit more perspective on why this refrigerator type should be appreciated!

1. They are internally spacious.

French door refrigerators are known for their internal space. This is largely due to its overall design. They specifically feature the freezer on the bottom and two doors on the fridge which is on the top.

When swinging open these doors, there is space within the doors as well as in the fridge itself. While some may think that fridges on top of freezers look smaller, they are in fact more spacious.

This space comes in the form of deeper freezers, more door space, and wider shelving. Nothing is better than internal space made to withhold more items!

The doors of this type of refrigerator are especially spacious for taller things like bottles of spirits or wine.

Regular fridges don't feature door space for taller items. When it comes to storing bulky or tall items, the double shelves on either door really come in handy with this type of refrigerator.

Even though space for taller items on the door is a beautiful sight, the real prize comes with their ability to hold more in the door due to having double doors. Double doors mean double space for door items.

This can be things like condiments, jarred sauces, or even certain medications. Either way, the doors make for an enticing benefit to this variation of a refrigerator.

2. They are sleek looking!

Refrigerators throughout the years have transformed from bleak whites and olive greens of older models to more modern looks.

While there are plenty of white or ivory fridges on the market still, stainless steel and brushed metal fridges are the most popular. French door fridges are known for coming in the stainless steel design.

While stainless steel or brushed metal fridges are hard to keep clean, they are well worth the upkeep. Their silvery shimmer matches any kitchen decor and colorings.

Their universal feel to any kitchen not only brightens it up but provides a modern touch to otherwise outdated kitchens.

Whether it is an apartment or a big kitchen in a new home, these types of refrigerators can add a touch of beauty to any kitchen. These sleek looking household appliances are known for coming off as true beauties. They simply are more attractive than other variations of refrigerators.

3. They are designed to be optimal.

With such modern chicness to them as well as great internal space, French door fridges are built to be optimal. The spacious internal areas and modern look make any kitchen a functional and optimal room of the house.

Moreover, this is not the only reason for its excellent design. This type of refrigerator was created with the average person in mind. The fridge is on top with its two doors has a much more specific purpose other than distributing space differently than other fridges.

The fridge and its double doors are chest level. This is possibly the most beneficial purposes of a French door fridge.

Having a fridge and its doors chest level make for absolute ease of access to the contents in the fridge.

From putting groceries away to going on a hunt for a midnight snack, having a chest level fridge and doors eliminates the need to stoop over into fridge drawers or lower shelves.

It could be argued that the need to stoop to enter the freezer still exists. While this is true, it is also true that we use our freezers much less than the fridge portion.

More snack items and quick to make foods are located in the fridge. Thus, having a more eye-level view of these items makes their design practically genius!

4. They retain internal temperature better.

Full door refrigerators are big culprits for wasting more energy. Their bulky design requires the entire fridge to be exposed every time the fridge door is opened.

A French door refrigerator reduces the amount of energy being wasted. This also includes helping the refrigerator retain its internal temperature better. When opening a French door fridge, only one door is opened at a time.

This only exposes half the fridge at one time. The other portion of the fridge stays cooler.

When addressing this fantastic feature, organizing the internal items may help in keeping critical things cooler. People who enjoy colder glasses of milk or beverages may choose to keep them on the side of the fridge where the door doesn't get opened as often.

This truly is a game-changer for those looking to upgrade to a newer fridge or a different design of a fridge. This level of organizing will aid in energy-saving practices as well since only the door that needs to be opened the most will be opened.

5. They save kitchen space.

People either have kitchen space or they don't. From small apartments to luxurious kitchens with island cabinets, all space sizes can be appropriate for French door fridges.

The reason behind this is quite simple. It is all in the double door top fridge feature. A common issue with regular fridges is that the door may bump into walls etc.

With the ability to open just half the space of the door, it is possible to have this type of fridge in most any kitchen. The design of these modern age fridges is simply just that amazing.

This also includes their overall look with their stainless steel or brushed metal look to them. Between the design and the coloring, they cannot be beaten.

There are smaller models of French door refrigerators available on the market. When it comes to the size of refrigerators, they are measured in cubic feet. Cubic feet refers to how much storage space is within the fridge itself (or volume).

Most refrigerators, including some models of French door fridges, can be upwards of 31 cubic feet. When it comes to smaller models of these variations of refrigerators, this number of cubic feet shrinks by almost half.

Most smaller models are found somewhere between 16.9 to 19.4 cubic feet. This provides a small alternative to traditional fridges and in the case of French door fridges, provides people with small space the opportunity to enjoy the other benefits of them.

6. They feature full-width shelving.

French door fridges are known for their full-width shelving. More commonly known as cantilever shelving, this style of refrigerator shelving provides equal shelf space inside from the top down to the drawers at the bottom.

This creates equal slots that the shelves sit in to provide the most efficient shelf space out there. From tall items to small items, these types of fridges can handle it all.

The full-width shelving also is said to provide a sturdier base for holding heavy items.

These items can include things like multiple gallons of milk or entire holiday meals. It is estimated that refrigerator shelves can hold upwards of 50lbs. While a refrigerator with full-width shelving like the French door fridge are considered more sturdy, they do hold the same amount of weight as other fridge shelves.

7. The freezer is spacious.

While the freezer is used less often than the fridge portion, it still plays an important role. It is meant to hold frozen foods and even foods prepped for longer shelf life.

The freezer on a French door fridge is deep and slides out for easy access. One of the greatest benefits of having the freezer on the bottom is how it can be organized.

The space in these types of refrigerators can really be optimized for holding more items. Regular freezers have the issue of things toppling out of the door when opened.

When it comes to the French door freezer, items can be stacked neatly within the freezer drawer. This allows for more items that simply won't topple out when the drawer is pulled open.

A bottom freezer is also great for internal ice makers. The access to the ice is more convenient.

A top-down view of the ice helps see much ice is in the bin as it makes for an easier time to grab a handful. Regular freezer ice makers are not eye-level and require reaching up into the bin blindly.

This really plays into the French door refrigerator being designed for greatness. While the chest-level fridge is a great benefit, the top-down view ice maker in the freezer is a fantastic benefit of the pull-out drawer freezer!

8. They have a long life span.

We've all seen the households where the fridges have been there for ages. While older models are known to hold up for long periods of time, newer models and designs are still able to stand up to the older ones.

The average lifespan of refrigerators is anywhere from 10 to 18 years. In the case of French door refrigerators, that life span doesn't alter too much, clocking in around 14 to 17 years. The life span of a refrigerator will vary based on regular maintenance.

Like any other household appliance, refrigerators require regular maintenance. This includes clearing debris from the back of the fridge and listening for any unusual sounds.

All fridges make some sort of noise but common sense will prove that if something sounds a bit off, it probably is. The life of a fridge can be prolonged as long as possible with regular maintenance. This maintenance can also include calling a repairman to check out anything that sounds a bit unusual as well.

For people who are handier, fixing certain things may be possible. This includes frozen water pipes that can cause knocking sounds. Defrosting these lines are necessary to help rid of this noise.

This can typically do with a hairdryer (with the refrigerator temporarily unplugged). Another form of reducing problems before they arise through proper maintenance is storing foods properly in the fridge.

Most fridges have vents in the freezers that cannot be covered up or blocked as they can create a build-up of ice. This is even true for French door fridges and their pull-out drawer freezer.

Steering clear of blocking these vents will aid in maintaining their air circulation. The air circulation will provide ample space and prevent frost build-up.

9. They can be classified as Smart Fridges.

Smart fridges have really risen to the top of desired designs for fridges. French door fridges can be classified as smart fridges just like other models. But really makes a smart fridge so special?

What exactly does a smart fridge do? Some could argue that refrigerators do not need to be "smart". While that may have some truth to it, having a smart fridge is really awesome!

Smart fridges are known for providing interesting data. This can be anything from the date and time as well as the weather. However, what really sets them apart from other smart home devices is their inventory abilities.

Through barcode or RFID scanning, smart fridges are respected for their inventory control. They help keep track of products being used and what is still in stock. Why is this important to the average joe?

It can help save money. Having a better insight as to what is going into the fridge and out of it can help put perspective on food waste. We can compare trends of buying and using our fridge items and make better choices when we go shopping.

These features all make smart fridges a bit classier! If someone has never considered a smart fridge before, these benefits may help them think about getting one in the future. A fridge can be just a fridge but it if can be something a bit more that makes it all the better!

10. They have a chiller drawer.

Chiller drawers can be found in most fridges but in a French door fridge, this drawer is especially important. This drawer is typically found at the bottom of the fridge. In a French door fridge, that means its closer to the freezer.

Science has shown us that heat rises and cold air sinks. This means the bottom drawer will provide cooler temps. While most fridges these days are temperature controlled throughout its entirety in an attempt to provide equal cool air, these drawers are simply meant to retain cool air the longest.

Even these drawers can be temperature controlled. Moreover, their use is primarily for the freshest of foods to keep them at precise levels of cold. A great example of this is things like fresh meats and veggies (stored at different times of course!) or even deli meats.

These items need the perfect temperature. While they should be used quicker than other items in the fridge, keeping them at cooler temperatures will ensure they have the best taste.

11. They have LED lighting.

LED lighting is considered to be more energy-efficient. French door refrigerators will typically have this lighting already installed so no upgrade is needed.

When it comes to just how LED lighting is considered to be more energy-efficient, it all comes down to their durability. The life span of this type of lighting is said to be quite long.

Their ability to maintain their lighting power makes them attractive. This makes them considerably better at using less energy to provide ample lighting.

Another reason that LED lighting is a beneficial feature of a French door fridge is that they provide bright light while staying classified as soft lighting. Regular fridge bulbs can be quite bright.

This transition into different lighting makes LED lights come off as quite beneficial. They are able to provide just enough brightness without coming off as harsh as regular bulbs.

Yet another reason that LED refrigerator lights are a popular choice is their ability to make French door fridges even sharper looking.

While French door fridges can pretty much hold their own when it comes to attractiveness, LED lighting truly adds a little something more special. This chic lighting really amps up the modern look to any and all French door fridges!

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